The Detox Solution

Here is the Solution for How to detox your body

Researchers believe that the ailment in the body occurs due to the impurities present in the body. Here you can find the experts advice on how to detox your body and their importance in curing many fatal ailments in the body. There are many solutions for this quest and no matter the type of disease you are affected with.

Here is the first solution. Begin your detoxification process by a 24 hour fast with plenty of liquid drink. The detox process should not have dehydration. The liquid one should take is restricted to (1) cold water, (2) hot water and (3) pure lemon juice and no other liquids are allowed. Since the process will continue for several days, choose the starting day as a week end in which you don't have much stress related work.

To be easy to under stand let me put the rest of the process in steps:

- After the first step of fasting, try to take as much as raw vegetables and fruits as they will be useful for detoxification. This will also have a good note on the digestion process. Because, digestion becomes simpler and also makes the nutrients to be absorbed by the body for a large extent.

- In these days plan to eat as much fruits as possible which will increase the metabolism of the body.

- Try to limit the use of rice, millet, corn, nuts and seeds as much as possible.

- Plan at least a 15 minutes walk a day for good bowel movement.

- Avoid junk foods like meat, chips and other snacks.

Following the above steps for at least six months will definitely reduce the risk of the life and removes almost all the poisonous substances and gas that is formed inside the body. Many detox procedure will have the same above statements as they are proved to be effective.

The second solution for how to detox your body is by the use of enema, which is an immediate relief to the patient. This is a traditional method to cleanse the intestinal tract and detoxifying the body organs for performing their regular function up to the mark. It is a process that involves the administration of enema fluid in to the intestinal tract.

This method will make the jammed fecal matters in the intestine become loose. These matters are the basic elements for toxic to our body. It will contain even radio active chemicals like lead and mercury. They cause imbalance to the body equilibrium. They are flushed by the usage of the enema and will have a clean intestine.

Grapes have a special effect in detoxification of the body. They have some side effects like much dreaming, weight loss, very high energy level and sleep less nights. But they have the property to kill the cancer toxic substance. Especially it has proved in curing stomach cancer. Now, how to detox your body will have opened your eyes for further procedure. Try the usage of excess water also.