Protein Lot

Author: Kevin J. Tracey

The protein is used to develop and maintain body tissues, is therefore an essential part of everyone's diet. The Red meat contains lots of protein, but it is also high in saturated fats. Fortunately, there are many healthy sources of protein, there including lean chicken, legumes and nuts.

When people begin to have a healthy diet use prevagen, they are often concerned about protein levels, source prevagen reviews. One of their main concerns may be that red meat, everything is rich in protein, it should be consumed in quantities limited because it contains too much saturated fat.

However, there is no need to worry about your diet low in protein, because there are lots of healthy vegetables, nuts and seeds that contain this essential nutrient.

What protein does

Your body needs protein to grow and maintain tissues. Muscles, internal organs, blood, skin and hair require all proteins a sound structure. You also need protein to repair the damage that your body has suffered. For example, collagen is a protein that constitutes scar tissue and strengthens the walls of arteries.

Vital hormones such as insulin and thyroxine are made of proteins. Insulin helps maintain blood sugar, while thyroxine helps control metabolism and body temperature.

Digestive enzymes that break down food are also made of proteins, as are antibodies in your immune system needs to fight infection.

The proteins are actually the building blocks of life.

Good sources of protein

With red meat contains saturated fats and processed meats that contain often potentially harmful additives, it is just as well that there are many other more healthy sources of protein.

Lean chicken and turkey are high in protein. But be sure to buy organic chicken as the meat plant breeding may contain residues of antibiotics and hormones. You can be sure that chickens and free range turkeys have lived a good life.

Be sure to grill or stir fried chicken when it serves - it will certainly not count as a good source of protein if it is fried!

Oily fish - like salmon, sardines and herring - is an important source of protein and has the bonus of containing high levels of vitamin A. Consumption of oily fish also helps to combat heart disease and arthritis.

Mung beans, lentils and chickpeas can be combined to create the basis for a delicious, high protein curry. If you want a healthy snack that is full of protein and give you a satisfying feeling of fullness between meals. Why not try a handful of cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, raw shelled hemp seeds or flax seeds.

The key to maintaining a healthy level protein is to eat a variety range of food, food rich in protein. Try different combinations of foods to get the optimal level essential nutrients.

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